Please help put scammers out of business!

The writer’s objectives here are to scaremonger a little and explain the situation to ensure you protect yourself. Do your homework below. Read this very carefully to avoid disappointment, and to give yourself a fantastic opportunity to meet beautiful ladies.

Question: HOW CAN I CHECK A COMPANY ADDRESS IS VALID IN UKRAINE OR RUSSIA? Answer: Please write to them. OK the postal systems will not be as quick as Royal Mail but it still works. Write to them asking they give you a quick phone-call, or an email, as soon as they receive your letter to confirm their details. For Ukraine or Russia, it should take about a week to get there.

Question: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT, WHEN CONSIDERING WHICH AGENCY TO USE, THAT YOU CHECK THEIR PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND THE OFFICE ADDRESS? Answer: If you are writing to ladies from a company that has no proper verifiable contact details, then it is highly likely that the company does not exist. You will waste a lot of money on letters and most would find it very upsetting or disturbing. Do not transfer money in advance via Western Union or any other form of money transfer to pay for a tour with a company you have not categorically verified.

Question: WHY DO SCAM AGENCIES EXIST IN UKRAINE OR RUSSIA? Answer: Wages in Ukraine may average £50 to £200 per month. It does not take many gullible Europeans, Americans or whatever nationality to replace having to work for a living.

Question: HOW DO I KNOW A SCAM AGENCY FROM A GENUINE AGENCY. Answer: Just be aware that there are lots of scam agencies who send false / bogus letters, and who sell false / bogus addresses. Don’t underestimate the importance of the basic checks below. The steps below will ensure a large amount of protection for you against the main scammers. Also be aware that a big company may have good and bad affiliates, that’s why using affiliates is higher risk, because companies blame them rather than take responsibility themselves. Best if you avoid third party affiliate agencies.

Before you use any dating company or marriage agency, please as an absolute minimum ensure the above checks are done.

1.      Prominent telephone number, which you can ring, and talk to a person not a machine. Enquiries should be made to our Head Office in UK between 9.30am – 5pm. Click here to check the time in London, UK

2.      A valid email address.Watch out for automated ticket systems, and those that send you an automated response. Make sure you get a genuine personal reply with the opportunity to call them on the phone at your discretion.

3.      A Valid office address. Ensure you check the company/business address:
Write to that address, requesting written company literature or a call back on receipt of the letter to answer any queries.
If you choose the services offered by ourselves at ASA Vantage Romantic Adventures you will soon realize how genuine our services are and you will soon appreciate that we operate at the highest levels of integrity, and we welcome any enquiry. Please do not doubt the certainty of our operation and commitment to provide you with a top quality service. We pride our whole dating agency structure on providing genuine ladies and a genuine service so that you waste no time or money enjoying your adventure all the way to meeting your potential future partners. If you decide to join us and send your free letters to unlimited ladies, you can contact our customer services by phone, post, or internal or external email to request our letter-headed welcome letter/literature in the post to verify our contact details.

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