Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is it important to check the phone number and office address?

If you are writing to ladies from a company that has no verifiable contact details, then it is highly likely that the company does not exist. You could waste a lot of money on letters and it could be very upsetting or disturbing. Do not transfer money in advance via Western Union or any other form of money transfer to pay for a tour with a company you have not categorically verified. Also, never transfer money to any lady as it is against our rules. Please notify us immediately if a lady asks you for money. Ofcourse what you do after meeting a lady is your business, but we recommend you are frugal whilst searching for a partner, and that maybe the time to be more lavish, is when you are in fact married, and living in your chosen Country. No doubt a beautiful lady should be looked after well if she gives you the best years of her life…

Why are there so many scam agencies in Ukraine and Russia?

Wages in Ukraine may average £100 to £300 per month. It does not take many gullible Europeans, Americans or whatever nationality to replace having to work a regular job for a living, that is why there are thousands of marriage agencies in the Ukraine and Russia, and more importantly, that is why we set up in the UK, to bring integrity and trust to a phenomenal opportunity, so give us your support and give me a call if you have any questions.

How do I know if it is a scam agency or a genuine agency?

Just be aware that there are lots of scam agencies who send false / bogus letters, and who sell false / bogus addresses. Don’t underestimate the importance of the basic checks above. These steps will ensure a large amount of protection for you against the main scammers. Never send money via Western Union or Money Order. Also be aware that a big company may have good and bad affiliates, that’s why using affiliates is higher risk, because companies blame them rather than take responsibility themselves. Best if you totally avoid third party affiliate agencies. Be very careful of dating companies that use affiliate agencies, because affiliate agencies sometimes operate unscrupulously. For example, if an affiliate company was charging a client for each letter that he writes, and the client complained because he found out that the lady was not real, or found out via another company that the lady was married, then it is too easy for the primary company to exclude their responsibility or to say they are disciplining the affiliate agency, but in reality turning a blind eye.

Are you providing a dating service, or a marriage agency?

Both. Most men and women who are searching for a partner need to develop their relations in the hope of falling in love. If you succeed in your relationship with your chosen lady, then it is for you both to decide whether you would like to commit to marriage at some point in the future. Whatever you want to call us, we operate with the highest integrity, and it will not take long for us to prove that to you if you join.

What type of man are the ladies on your site looking for?

Ladies alike throughout the whole world desire love and security for their future family. We are not matchmakers, oposites may well attract, what we do is provide you with a great opportunity to meet as many ladies face to face as you desire, therefore increasing your likelihood of finding a suitable partner.

How do we know that the lady is not just after your money?

The ladies on our website are not economic immigrants that you may associate with China or Thailand. Many ladies in Kiev work and earn enough to live, and some in fact have good jobs as their economy improves. However a lady cannot work and also put 100% into raising a family. Unfortunately there is a shortage of the right type of men who are able to provide for a family.

It sounds too good to be true. Are there really so many beautiful single ladies?

We estimate that on our site about 50% of the ladies you write to will be single, and available. If you write to 10 ladies and get 5 replies at least you know it is genuine and it has cost nothing to find out the other 5 were not available. We cannot say all the ladies are single, because people’s circumstances may change overnight so do not be alarmed if you do not get 100% responses.

Where is Kiev, and is it safe there?

Kiev is becoming a very popular city for tourism and it is a mere 3.5 hour flight away from Heathrow airport in the UK. Kiev is the capital city of Independent Ukraine. In December 2004 you may have seen the Orange Revolution reported on the news. This passed quickly and was considered trouble free by the press. Not long after that, the European Song Contest was held in Kiev, which was televised around the world. For more information about Ukraine, or any other destination, visit

Why do you not have ladies from the UK on your website?

The concept of dating, online dating and matchmaking services has been accepted in the UK for around 10 years. When Internet dating first started, the prospect of finding a lady in the UK was quite high. However now men are finding that they are having little or no luck finding a date in the UK. In fact, the ratios of women on UK websites we believe are extremely weighted against men. In short, there are about 1.5 million more ladies in the Ukraine than there are men. In the United Kingdom there are 1.5 million more men than women. Any women in England knows she can simply go to a bar to find romance. Men may end up being exploited in a lap dancing bar – this is not good enough!

Why are the ladies so slim in Ukraine?

You will also find fat chicks in the Ukraine, but fortunately not as many as there are here in the UK. Ukraine has not succumbed to the excesses of food and alcohol consumption. The United Kingdom is rapidly catching up with America, with over 50% of people overweight and 20% clinically obese. Furthermore, Ukraine ladies are exceedingly proud to be slim and stay slim and have a traditional attitude to looking their best at all times.

Is your service the same as mail-order Russian brides?

Not at all and I would not trust any service that wants you to send money overseas. Firstly, our dating services will take you to meet your chosen ladies in Kiev, and other locations dependent on your personal requirements. If you feel you have found your chosen lady, and you would like her to be with you, in the United Kingdom, the USA, Europe or anywhere else in the world, then you will have to satisfy your local Embassy with their particular Visa requirements. Bringing your lady home will be subject to the laws of the land, of which we do not write. When the time comes for you to invite your lady to be with you, then we will guide you with the most up to date advice that we have available for a successful visa application. However we advise that you seek advice from a professional. We do not charge for visa advice. We provide only our general guidance.

How many ladies should I meet?

We recommend you meet at least 10 women. It is difficult to meet more than 3 per day, however, the more you meet, and communicate with, the more likely you will find that common understanding that you need to build a successful relationship. Our service is not like speed dating. We understand that you need to spend time with ladies to find out if it is right for you, to see if you really connect and find a chemistry so the more time you have will also help. You should try to spend as long as you can on a tour, meeting as many ladies as you can in the first few days, and then re-meeting your favourite ladies for the remainder until you have decided on your favourite.

Is it difficult to get a visa to bring your lady home?

Each embassy has different requirements. We will guide you with the up to date requirements when you feel you have found your suitable partner. When applying for settlement for a lady to come to the UK, then they will check if she has a criminal record. New American Legislation dictates that a lady must be made aware if you have a criminal record, prior to you receiving her contact details. Most people opt for our tour service, so it is not an issue, and this American legislation is not currently relevant in the UK, however our advice is just to be honest and upfront about every thing. If you have any previous criminal record, then we can provide more information about what needs to be disclosed, but ultimately, seek professional advice especially if there is something you plan not to disclose to us / the lady.

Do you have to marry the lady to bring them home?

Again, visa requirements vary from Embassy to Embassy and we will guide you when required. We provide a free document which proves very useful for UK individuals applying for settlement for a lady, however we do not know everyone’s circumstances so we must pass the book, and request that you seek professional advice, as a back up to our guidance.

How is it possible to meet ladies who speak a different language?

More and more ladies are learning to speak English now and our language is becoming more and more popular. We have had situations where a guy has met a lady with a translator initially and very soon after they have simply decided to manage with a dictionary. Many ladies are able to learn our language very quickly.

What age group is acceptable?

It is very normal to have an age gap between the western man and the Ukrainian lady. 10 years is the average age gap but it is frequently above this. Clearly we do not promote that a 60 year old man to choose 18-year-old lady. All ladies on our site must be over 18 years old, and many ladies express what age group they feel comfortable to meet, but if you like the ladies profile why not write and attach a photo because her thoughts may be different to when she first stated an age preference.

Are these beautiful Russian and Ukrainian ladies easy to get on with?

Yes, most of them are. Ukrainian ladies and Russian women are down to earth, extremely educated, very family oriented and not spoiled by unreasonable western woman’s expectations. Age difference is much less of an issue. Eastern Central European ladies – women are very mature for their age and regard older men as far more reliable, more stable and secure. They are looking for what all people are looking for: security, fair living environment and a person to love and be loved by them.

Are these ladies looking for a passport out?

No lady will give up the best years of her life, or leave her familiy and friends to be mistreated by any man. Any man who thinks they are that desparate for a visa is deluded. These are not economic migrants and it is surprising how families group their resorces to live life – even happily. Most ladies like there own country, if only they had the same basic things that you do. Home life and everyday living conditions in Eastern Europe are much worse than the UK or America. Living conditions are for many far better in UK and America of course, and most Russian ladies throughout their womanhood could never dream of the pleasures that are taken for granted and experienced in the West.

Will she love me and then leave me?

Ladies dont want to waste their years as you do not want to waste yours. You are the sponsor of her visa and she must stay with you and only you or return to her country before the end of 90 or 180 days (Dependent on country). She is not allowed to run off or marry someone else because she would be in violation of the visa. If the lady violates the visa she will permanently lose status and will, without doubt, be deported. All the ladies understand this very well. A lady is not going to give up the best years of her life to be with someone she does not love. She is not going to accept a visa invitation if they do not think strongly that you, the sponsor, are a future lover and partner, and potential family person, if you are not viable candidate for marriage.

There must be some women that are not serious?

What would be the point taking the time and making the effort replying to your letters if they are not serious? That would be foolish. Most ladies are looking for just the same thing you are and everyone else in the world wants. They want to spend their life with someone they love or at least grow to love. They want the basic human right to found a family with dignity. They want romance, love and affection, like every other normal person in the world.

Why don’t ladies choose Ukraine and Russian men?

Most ladies do, but many cannot find a suitable partner because the odds are stacked against women in Ukraine and Russia just like the odds are stacked against men in the UK / USA. There are many good marriage oriented men in Russia and Ukraine but there are also many that are not. The man generally is the provider who goes and earns (or hunts) to put food on the table for the wife to cook. This is, unfortunately, not so easy for the Ukrainian/Russian man and it can be very difficult to provide for the family. Some jobs pay well, but these are scarce. A mans pride is weakened if he cannot provide for his loved ones. Turning to drink is not owned by these men alone; however the pressure to do so in life is much more overwhelming than Welfare societies, where single mothers abound by virtue of the taxpayer. Self-sufficient men have a good life in Ukraine and Russia, they have women on tap whether they are married or not, and wives there accept it.

You’re having us on?

Visit us in Kiev and we will show you the reality of your true life situation, where you can meet beautiful ladies, as often and as many as you like. Our staff are constantly adding new ladies who join our website, taking photographs and adding them at their computer terminals every day. Men are increasingly becoming aware of our service. How many years will it take for you to realize and change your life while you can? The clock is ticking for all of us so we all need to take action and realize our dreams.

Do the ladies know how to speak English?

More and more ladies in Ukraine and Russian are learning how to speak English. Most ladies can speak some words. Our site allows you to choose the level of spoken English that a lady can speak but most underestimate their ability. They will soon learn, so don’t make that mistake because chemistry is the most important thing a relationship can have.