We provide an executive dating service for men to meet Ukrainian and Russian ladies.

We believe that we provide men with the highest probability of finding a most suitable partner. Where else on earth, or within a few hours, can you select dozens of beautiful, educated and cultured ladies, to meet for coffee, or wine and dine, with a view to finding a partner for life? Kiev is a vibrant and exciting place, perfect for mature adventurous gentlemen.

In the United Kingdom, Romantic Adventures are the largest International dating and marriage agency for men to meet thousands of beautiful girls from Ukraine and Russia.

We believe that we are primarily a dating agency, which allows you to meet many ladies, for the purpose of developing that stronger relationship which could lead to marriage. We believe that dating and romance go hand in hand, and we do not believe we should priorities marriage before the strong dating relationship is established.

We are not a matchmaking agency. Beyond looking through personal criteria such as smoking, drinking, interests etc, matchmaking is unnecessary because there are so many ladies available, and we have all heard the saying “opposites attract”. Who are we to say who is ideal for you? This won’t stop us listening to you and helping you meet more ladies if you want that extra assistance.

Our service is primarily for men who are single and secure. If you are single and would like to meet intelligent, romantic Ukrainian and Russian women for fun, love, romance and long-term relationships then we can help. Our staff have over 10 years experience providing dating and marriage services and we are well versed in the visa and settlement process for bringing your lady home.

It will become apparent as soon as you start writing your free introductory letters to ladies that we are, above all, honest with all our dealings with our clients. Once you have established communications with a number of ladies, and dependent on the services you have chosen, you can contact us to arrange your meetings with them – its extremely straightforward and where necessary we will guide you throughout.

Romantic Adventures was set up to improve upon and exceed all the services provided by our competitors in Ukraine, Russia and in England.

Head Office:

ASA Vantage Romantic Adventures,
Candelen, 4 Manor Road, Littleover, Derby, DE22 3HZ.
England, United Kingdom (UK)
Telephone:   +44(0) 798 054 5155
Email: venture@asavantage.com

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