Are you one of the many single men looking for a loyal and committed partner?

In the west today there are a huge number of men who have tried matchmaking services and still find it difficult to meet a “Suitable Partner”.

This is often due to our over-demanding work schedules and hectic lifestyles, or simply because meeting girls in nightclubs is not our scene and the ratio or women always seems stacked against us.

But this is not the case everywhere…

Imagine a place where the situation is reversed, where your choice of friendly, attractive women is almost limitless and you are the one in control of the situation, where single girls are looking for their suitable partner.

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In this modern age it’s often hard to evaluate what qualities women are looking for in a partner, but we don’t have to live a life of confusion anymore. Luckily for us there are beautiful and interesting women who simply wish to form a happy relationship, to be loved and cared for, and who will love and cherish us in return.

Many of us have experienced matchmaking dating services, traditional dating agencies or internet introduction services. Unfortunately many of us have been left disappointed. Either our prospective dream partner has been “picked” by computer and bears no resemblance to our human expectations or she has already been “matched” with scores of other men.

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What could be nicer than relaxing and having fun in the company of a beautiful girl who is only too pleased that you have made the effort to meet her? And what could be better than making up your own mind if you wish to see her again, or whether you would like to meet someone else? It’s really that simple.

We have developed a genuine and caring service which guarantees you the opportunity to begin communications and to meet single girls who are personally chosen by you and who match you own personal criteria.

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You can relax and spend your valuable leisure time in wonderful locations and see if a relationship develops.

Our carefully selected destinations are only three and a half hours away from London in magnificent Eastern Europe, offering you the choice of anything from a beach holiday to a cultural experience. You can choose where you go and whom you would like to meet. You will be amazed how many single russian girls there are , it is truly amazing, that there is so much dating and relationship potential.

Just think, a short break or an annual holiday could prove to be the most enjoyable and precious investment of your life. Life is diverse, love is universal.

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We are based in England and will be happy to answer any queries and all communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.Because we know how difficult it can be to meet that someone special, we are dedicated to help you find romance. There is no commitment whatsoever. Except a commitment to find happiness.